Hunt for a drill

Today, the plan was to start extending the electricity system with switches, plugs and lights, but soon Martijn and I ran into the problem that the electricity pipes needed to go through a hole in the metal studs and the biggest metal drill I had was only 10 mm, way to small for the pipes, so we went on what turned out to be a quest for a fitting drill. (And while where at it we could check out some prices for some water piping material and tools and the actual switches.)

We started at ABC, the we went to Esvika, Martijn suggested Magazin since with the summer weather a short work pants might be nice, then bauhof and PuuMarket before we got back to ABC to get the best solution we found so far as the normal drills stopped at 13 mm. In the mean time we picket up a lot of other stuff which would also be useful.

Back at home we started with the electrical system in the hallway and toilet, group 1. Martijn had to leave early today and after that my day did not go very smooth, so with a lot of struggling I finished one group, installed a temporary switch and some ceiling led lights.

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