Building dividing wall

It almost sounds like an American slogan, but in this case it is the weekend of building the dividing wall of what will be the hallway, toilet, bathroom, sauna and washing/boiler room.

Today I went to Bauhaus to get the materials needed, as the fact that the 10 cm insulation was cheapest at PuuMarket does not mean the 66 mm version is cheapest there as well, actually far from it. Also there was a sale on plaster plate, so all in all I saved almost 50 euro which I can use on something else later on.

I did buy something at PuuMarket though, as the connection wrench for the metal studs there was 40% cheaper then at ABC.

After I replaced 3 screw connections with the connection made with the wrench, I knew the rest of the walls would be build so much faster. But first lunch with Mo who came over to help. The laser was again a great tool to put all the walls and doors straight, but was also handy to put the screws in the right place through the plaster plates.

Together we made good progress and on Sunday we continued with that. When lit up the barbecue all the wall where up except the one holding the toilet door, as we want to first check if we can get a sink we like before deciding the final placement of the door.

On Wednesday I can start to put in electricity lines and water pipes before I close these dividing walls.

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