The lawn mower

As the grass and other garden plant have been growing lushly for the past weeks, Mo thought it would be a good idea to at least cut part of the grass.

With the house came a lawn mower, but we had no idea in what shape it was, so after work I took it out and had a look. One wheel was a bit broken, one wheel was loose, but the air filter, oil and blade looked pretty good. So after a bit of tinkering, I got some gasoline and tried to start it. Instant success. I tried a test run through the tall grass and it seemed to work fine.

The next day we got back to actually do some mowing, but after it had been running for a few minutes, it started to run a bit more irregular. So Jeff and I took apart the carburetor and quickly found the problem, contamination in the carburetor. So soon it ran smooth again and Mo and I mowed about the first 10 meters of grass. This seemed plenty to us. Time for some food, this time I took out the dutch oven and put it on the fire to make a nice chili.

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