Warm water and a wall

After I came in this morning, I started on finishing the water piping. The warm water pipes to be a bit more precise. I created a setup where the warm water system can be fed from two devices, the electrical boiler that was still in the house (and was bought very shortly before we bought the house) and the buffer that will be connected to the central heating, with some valves to switch between the two.

When I was done I put the system under pressure with the help of Jeff who is still working on his camper. One of the plugs had not been screwed on properly, but apart from that all was good. Another good step forward!

In the mean time Uve finally replied with some numbers for the central heating and he can start next week. He stopped by to discuss some things. The upcoming weekend will be busy getting some last stuff ready for the system.

After he left, Jeff and I went to get some plaster plate for the walls and I put in the wall in the hallway. Already motivated for the weekend!

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