A lock change to start tiling

Since now all of a sudden the heating system will be placed, there is a priority to put in the floor tiles. The hallway and the toilet will be first, but to be able to leave the house (and lock the door behind me) I first have to replace the lock of the old door in the boiler room. Good thing there is a lock left over in the old front door.

The front door lock is bigger then the old lock in the backdoor, so the hole in the door needs to be made deeper. I am lucky as the long snake drill I bought to drill the pipes through the wall fits exactly.

After more work then it seems, the lock has been replaced (I needed to open it up to reverse it as well) and I can start to make the tiles to fit the toilet and hallway. The tile cutter is just big enough for the 60 cm tiles we got and works great for the non straight cut the angle grinder with a diamond blade and a bit of patience works fine. And before we knew it the day was over. So, we’ll glue tomorrow.

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