Laying tiles

Before we could start putting the tiles in, I had to get a mixer tool, as I could not find it, so it might be still in the Netherlands. So a quick strip to ABC. There we found out there was another 25% discount weekend, so we decided to also bring switches and plugs for the floor heated part of the house. That should keep me out of trouble for a bit longer.

Back home I first connected the earthing wire to the earthing pin as it will be covered and then we started tiling. The tiling went pretty good, although we used much more glue then what the package suggested. Oh well, at least it came out very smooth with the special adjusters I got.

After the hallway was in done we moved to the bathroom to make the tiles to fit there. As we noticed the glue was setting pretty fast, we decided it would be best to glue the entire bathroom at once, but first we need to get everything straight, which was not as easy as in the hallway, as the corners where not as straight as in the hallway. But we got pretty far. In the mean time I figured we would have some more time then expected as the heater will be in back order, so it might take a few weeks to get here.

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