Replacing studio floor

Another thing what now has higher priority it the replacement of the future studio floor, so the wall insulation can be placed before the pipes for the heater will be placed.

So on Wednesday, my birthday, I had another nice job to do. Today I had help from Jeff, who had finished his car yesterday. The funny thing was that we both brought cake, so no need for a normal lunch.

The start of getting the floor out was pretty hard, but after we had created some space and got the hang of it, it went relative fast. At the end of the afternoon we went to PuuMarket to get some OSB and insulation, so we would be able to continue after entire floor was out. We got 1/3rd of the new floor free from saw dust (the old insulation), insulated and covered. (and on Thursday afternoon we got the rest of the floor insulated)

It is a shame these floor boards need to go. They are 4,5 thick and most of them have the length of the room, but also to many have woodworm holes. I guess I can reuse some of the boards that are not effected for something else as burning wood

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