Shopping and digging

The morning started with a surprise. Espak was closed as it is a public holiday. I decided to drive home past K-Rauta to see if they might be open and we where in luck and it turned out they had the stuff we needed. As tomorrow is another public holiday we decided to pick a toilet as well, so we would not run out of work.

Back home we found out we forgot grout for the tile floor. So we went to ABC, who was just closing earlier. On the way there I joked if Mo wanted blue or red grout, but when we got there it turned out the did have about all colours of the rainbow including sparkles.

Back home again, I started digging, after a while I found an old gold bucket, unfortunately it was empty. When I got deep enough, I tried to drill under the pavement, but I had just missed the connection. Tomorrow another try!

As some friends where in town who wanted to meet up, we decided to have a little barbecue party. A pretty good end of a day of hard physical work.

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