Finally the sewer connection

After a lot of preparing, paperwork and waiting today is the day. I will finally connect the sewer system. I started by measuring why I missed the connection under the pavement and as expected I was a few degrees off in both directions. After I adjusted the angle I pretty soon had light on the other end of the tunnel.

After placing the bottoms of the inspection puts I found out I drilled the hole to deep, so I adjusted that. All in all a lot of work to make sure the pipes had the right decline. I put in the foundation stones and made the grevel bed and then I was ready to put the vertical pipes.

With the sewer system in place I started on the toilet. After I got it basically done, Mo had dinner ready. After that I found out the connection to the sewer was leaking, so I disconnected it again and decided tomorrow would be as good a day as any other.

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