Three tons of pellets and the chimney

At the start of the week I replied to a request of a German guy in town who needed someone to put in a few tiles in his bathroom. I agreed to stop by and see what would be possible. He turned out to be very handy, so we decided I would teach him how to tile and borrow him my tools.

On August 1st 3 pallets with bags of pellets where delivered. A ton per pallet. It was estimated this should be enough for about a year. Next year we will know if this actually will be enough, so we can also make a calculation of how much our heating and hot water will cost us.

This week we had Annemiek and her family over for dinner and later on for tea. Always nice to have visitors from the Netherlands stopping by.

As the pellets cannot stay outside we moved them inside during the weekend. Jon-Paul was a great help. We also visited the construction store to check out the sinks for in the toilet and some replacement part for shower.

On Sunday I finished the shower. Connecting the last electrical wires gave us also coloured lights. There are also some minor things to fix some time in the future, but nothing that will stop us enjoying the shower fully from now on. Before going to bed I tried the steam shower. It is a nice feature that I think I will use on occasion.

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