A leaking roof and start of the sauna

Monday after work we went to a sauna specialist to get some information on what we would need to build a sauna. And as if often goes when you go to a shop as a foreigner, you get advised very expensive stuff and when you ask about an other stove that is half the price, they bend in all kinds of ways to explain why the expensive one is better (which it might be, but mainly when you have long sauna nights with a group of people). Anyway, I did not get much more information as I already had gotten from a nice document I found on the Harvia website.

After the all the nice weather from the last weeks, it was finally raining and a bit surprising we had a leaking roof again. So we put some bucket and marked where it was leaking, so when it is dry I can fix that

Before anything else, the floor needs to be in the sauna, so on Wednesday I started with the floor.

On Saturday morning I climbed on the room and found the moss was so dry after the past hot weeks that it had let through water through some holes I found under the dried moss. After I scratched off the moss it was an easy fix.
In the afternoon we picked up the sauna insulation with integrated aluminium coating. besides we got a sink for the toilet and I got myself a miter saw as ABC had another one of there 25% off days.
On Sunday I finally put in the network cable to the boiler.

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