Floor, paint and gardening

With the materials for the floor in, I could hardly wait to start putting it in, but I had to be patient and let it acclimatize. At least I could put in the underfloor.
A next important step will be the painting of the walls. This is always a challenge, what colour to choose. As the rest of the room is already white washed, we decided a RAL9010 pure white would be a good start, but once the colour was on the wall it did not look as nice as we hoped. It just did not fit for some reason.
Anyway, the waiting was over, so I could start putting in the floor. Unfortunately I could not start using my mitter saw as Mo had online calls, so I started with the hand saw. Still as the panels where very long I quickly advanced.
Now the floor is in and the walls are painted, it is time to do some brainstorming on what finishing touches need to be done. Mo and I took a cup of tea and sat down on the floor in our soon to be bedroom. While we where talking Mo noticed the main colour of her cup and then we soon knew the right colour for the walls. So off to the store to get it. Already halfway the first wall we saw it was the right colour.
Meanwhile the weather was very good so we decided to finish of the first patch of vegetable garden, so we could sow the first seeds. Between the rows whe put a path of hydro granules that we found last year under what is now the bathroom floor. Once they where in we felt very accomplished.

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