An herbs greenhouse

May has started with nice weather, and with the vegetable garden being planted we decided to focus on planting the herbs and flowers as well. Sure there will be other days we can work inside and in the mean time they all can grow.
I started with a small greenhouse I thought up based on an old Dutch sunshade I also have at the house in Leeuwarden, the markies. I first needed to make a planter, so I could practice my masonry skills again. I created a small foundation and worked my way up.
Once it was done I put in a good layer of the hydro granules we found last year when opening the floor in what now is the bathroom. This will be a nice layer to regulate the amount of water in the green house. On top of that the dirt I had dug out when creating the foundation and last some dirt we got from the garden center. Next step, the cover.
For the cover I got some wood to make three frames (I figured for this size the normal 5 frames would be a bit of overkill) and with the help of the mitter saw, some glue and some screws I quickly had the frame down. On top of that I put some thick plastic I saved from the mattresses. The greenhouse was ready for the herb seeds. A nice job for Mo.
After this we started the tedious work of removing the ground elder from the plant border and from some big patches in the grass. I used a time consuming but sure way to remove as much as possible by sifting the dirt with an old crate. At the end of the day a few meters where ready to be planted with seeds and bulbs. Very exciting to see how it will look once the flowers come up.
On Sunday I did a similar thing around the fence in the front garden, where we planted some more seeds.

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