The last mile is the longest

It is nice to have an idea, but it has to be realistic. With all the (little) things that needed to be done to finish the bedroom, it was clear 7.7 would not work, but close to it would still be something to go for. So here is what we did this week.
With the long Estonian days curtains are pretty essential, so we went to look for something and as it has been so far, it was pretty easy to find something we both liked, it took about 5 minutes in the fabric store. Entering the curtain section I noticed something which looked very similar to my grandfathers curtains back in Leeuwarden, Mo saw the same fabric and it was done.
Back home I made and fitted the feather boards around the doors, while Mo started scraping of the old paint from the drawers.
Then she cleaned the old wood we kept in sight while I build the last walls in the toilet and we sanded and painted the windows.
I also had to get back on the roof, as during the rain, when the wind was coming from the east to southeast we had a bit of leaking again. I found the most possible suspect and covered it completely, so fingers crossed this will the last one until we will replace the roof.

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