Garage and train roofs

During his stay around our wedding, my uncle asked if he could help with something. As he is good with electricity, I suggested he would make a start to unravel the electrical mess in the garage. He stripped the exiting mess, ordered all the cables, installed new fuses and reconnected the lights. A great start!

After the wedding we spend the time with the family and friend who made it here, so only a week later, I continues with the electrical system in the garage. Than I also realized the house was getting to a point where it would not be practical to make everything inside, so I would need a work bench. During breaks in the past months I had checked YouTube for all kinds of work bench designs and figured at Morovian workbench would be a nice option. This design from the 1700s is very sturdy, yet it can be easily taken apart and moved. Nice for working outside in the summer. The best part is that I found all the would I would need between the wood that was laying under the train roofs.

In the mean time Toon had contacted me about a space to store his Volvo Duett for the winter. When I told him I had space, but that was still pretty full he offered to come and help clean this out.

He came with his son August. Together we move and reordered a lot of wood and stones. Besides we found a lot of old metal pipes, which we loaded in the trailer and dropped off at the scrap yard. At just shy of 15 cents per kilo we collected over 80 euro, so you do the match on how many pipes we found. At the end of the day the train roof had more space then we have seen so far. Ready for a car or two to stand (more or less) dry this winter.

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