Doors and new tools

Actually there was just one thing missing from the bedrooms, the doors, perfectly timed they where on sale at ABC, so with the help of Jon-Paul we got three doors. With guests in the second bedroom, I placed that door first and then placed the the master bedroom door and toilet door.
During the weekend ABC also finally had their 25% off sale again that I had been waiting for. With my birthday coming up I had my eye on a router so I can make the moldings for the finishing touches and my need for a table saw was now big enough too. Jeff helped me to pick them up.
One of the first things I did with the table saw was make a new sill for one of the outside windows of the bedroom. It was a absolute pleasure to create the different angels on a piece of wood and once I put it back on the window, it was much more sturdy again. With a bit of paint it even looked half way decent.
With the bedroom occupied I continued my plaster plate work into the stairway. This was one of those relatively small jobs that made a huge difference. After that I cleaned up for my birthday weekend.

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