First baseboards

With the new tools in, I could start making the baseboards for the bedroom. Since I have to make a lot of them to cover the entire house, it would be handy to have router table. I had already watched several video’s on how to make one, but then I remembered I saw a relative cheap router table at Bauhof. When I checked it out, I was in luck, as it was on sale, so I did not have to think long and ordered it, also as it also comes with some feather boards to keep the wood in place during processing.
After the first test runs, I noticed it was not very easy to keep long boards straight, so I decided to make a bit more sturdy table with some old kitchen cabinets I had saved. This worked great and I was able to turn meters of rough wood into baseboards.
After I made them I put two coats of clear lack on it before I could make it to size and put it in the room. For the occasion I picket the little hammer my grandfather has given me at some point. It was the hammer he got as a 13 year old when he started working as a carpenter pupil in 1928. I still use it for more delicate work.
During the weekend is was great weather so we decided to clean the windows in the living room. Lot’s of work as there is two windows, with 4 pieces of glass each. But the result was great. On the outside I also took of loose paint and put base coat on where needed.

Doors and new tools

Actually there was just one thing missing from the bedrooms, the doors, perfectly timed they where on sale at ABC, so with the help of Jon-Paul we got three doors. With guests in the second bedroom, I placed that door first and then placed the the master bedroom door and toilet door.
During the weekend ABC also finally had their 25% off sale again that I had been waiting for. With my birthday coming up I had my eye on a router so I can make the moldings for the finishing touches and my need for a table saw was now big enough too. Jeff helped me to pick them up.
One of the first things I did with the table saw was make a new sill for one of the outside windows of the bedroom. It was a absolute pleasure to create the different angels on a piece of wood and once I put it back on the window, it was much more sturdy again. With a bit of paint it even looked half way decent.
With the bedroom occupied I continued my plaster plate work into the stairway. This was one of those relatively small jobs that made a huge difference. After that I cleaned up for my birthday weekend.

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