A ceiling and a kitchen floor

All the preparations are done, time to rent a plaster plate lift and put in a ceiling. Of course all the lifts where rented out at the Ramirent around the corner and also in the other Tallinn branches there was no lift left over. Good thing there was one in Keila, so a little drive through the beautiful Estonia landscape and we could start anyway.

With the lift, putting in these huge ceiling plates was a breeze. We where done before we knew it. To to do some plastering. Well a lot of plastering. And then after some sanding it was time for a coat of paint. I figured Ral 9010 would be a good colour.

With this work done, the next step was to put in the linoleum in the kitchen. There was an annoying surprise when we found out they had cut the role just a few cm short. But after a bit of measuring and rethinking the way we could lay it we made it work. It was a fun new skill to learn and the result was super!

Now we could pick a colour for the kitchen wall. We picket an egg yellow, and could hardly wait to put it on.

Redoing the living room floor

The first project my dad and I planned to do was to redo the floor, straighten it out an take out some of the of the movement we noticed in some spots. We planned to replace the OSB for a thicker version, but with the prices being threefold of last year, we decided on different solution.

First we took out the floor and then we had to find the highest and lowest point of the floor. With the laser and a pole this was relatively easy. We found the difference throughout the room was about 5 cm. Especially in the middle of the room the beams seem to have bend over the years.

We got straight wood and screwed this to the sides of the original beams. In between we place cross beams to strengthen the floor boards. After this was done in the kitchen area, we got the hang of it. After about 6000 screw the more expensive Makita screw bit was warn out. It sure proved it was worth the extra money. All in all it still took almost a week to replace the floor, but the result was very satisfying.

The next step was to create an air duct for extraction hood in the kitchen. After some careful consideration we create it with 1 90 degree angle in it so the exit would be a bit away from the roof, as in the winter snow would otherwise block the exit.

As I wanted to have gallery rails to hang painting from to be flush with the ceiling, on other job this week was to put these at the correct height. This made me realize it might be a good idea to run some cables to the windows in case in the future I want to create automated curtains. A small job now, hopefully it will be useful in the future.

Towards the weekend we got a message from Ikea that most of the kitchen was in. With a bit of logical loading the van held the entire kitchen and even had a bit of left over space.

First baseboards

With the new tools in, I could start making the baseboards for the bedroom. Since I have to make a lot of them to cover the entire house, it would be handy to have router table. I had already watched several video’s on how to make one, but then I remembered I saw a relative cheap router table at Bauhof. When I checked it out, I was in luck, as it was on sale, so I did not have to think long and ordered it, also as it also comes with some feather boards to keep the wood in place during processing.
After the first test runs, I noticed it was not very easy to keep long boards straight, so I decided to make a bit more sturdy table with some old kitchen cabinets I had saved. This worked great and I was able to turn meters of rough wood into baseboards.
After I made them I put two coats of clear lack on it before I could make it to size and put it in the room. For the occasion I picket the little hammer my grandfather has given me at some point. It was the hammer he got as a 13 year old when he started working as a carpenter pupil in 1928. I still use it for more delicate work.
During the weekend is was great weather so we decided to clean the windows in the living room. Lot’s of work as there is two windows, with 4 pieces of glass each. But the result was great. On the outside I also took of loose paint and put base coat on where needed.

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