Shelves and a drop

So, the doors are in, the space under the roof now is a cabinet, time to get this space organized. I already bought some Ivar shelves from Ikea, but not everything was available, so I had to do another run. Since the longest parts where only 179 cm, I figured it would ‘easily’ fit in Anna’s Toyota IQ and I even had 1 cm left. My plan to cut the long part sides in pieces for a second layer of shelves worked nicely, so 3 long sides turned into 6 made to fit short sides.

With the finishing touch between the old and new wood from last week as an example I also made a filler piece for the sliding doors. After I had made a new sill for one of the windows on the south side I now could use my new learned skill to renovate the windows on the north side.

And than when the first real room was about finished it started raining again and the roof leaked like it had never been fixed. So back on the roof to see what I could do to fix it. I now noticed the dormer did not have barge boards and since it was very windy I figured that might just be the missing link on why it is dripping again.
So from the wood I had laying around I made a barge board and put it on the right side of the dormer. It was not perfect, but it would do for the time being, as a completely new roof is planned for next year anyway, so on to the left side. I moved the scaffolding and started on the left side. The preparation went well, but when I went up with the actual board, something started moving and before I fully realized what happened the scaffolding was sliding away from the wall and turned away from the house, while I was going after it. A second later I fell in the grass, which gave a pretty good impact, but I instantly jumped up and shouted I was OK. Further inspection showed a few scratches, so I guess I have been very lucky. A cool thing to notice was that during the fall my body was moving towards a better position for falling. Got to love the muscle memory from years of judo!

During the weekend we found a nice lamp for in our toilet, it is an elephant with a small night light in its belly and a main light in its trunk. Also I found some time to create a replacement construction for a small greenhouse for Mo’s mother.

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