Slow building the kitchen

As with many things when renovating a house, you shouldn’t be in a hurry. Putting the kitchen together goes pretty quick, but then the details is where the real time is spend. To make sure everything was level and straight I ended up taking the different cabinets apart from each other and reattaching them. I had good help from Markus, a German guy we had met in France during our vacation who mentioned he was planning to visit the Baltics, so I had given my number and he actually showed up. Together it went pretty smooth and after that we had time to go into town.
Besides not having most of the fronts available yet, also doesn’t add to a satisfying feeling

Something else that wasn’t satisfying was the ceiling, the mud that connected the ceiling parts had dried in so much smaller during the drying process that it was very visible. It annoyed me very much, so I ended up filling it 3 more time before it was good enough, at least for now.

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