Rough finishing the second bed room

This week is the last week before the summer vacation for the higher education, that means Rika, Marcs girlfriend will come over and they would like to stay over, a nice deadline to roughly finish the second bedroom and the stairway. So building and covering more walls, plastering the ceiling (where Marc did a great job), painting the ceiling and laying the floor.
On Saturday we had a new error on the heating system: E44/E45 Draft. So I checked the parts that seemed logical to me, but could not find a direct reason. I did however notice the chimney was pretty black and it would not hurt sweeping it, so I went to ABC to get some chimney sweeping materials. I was pretty impressed by the amount of sooth I took out. I guess about 3-4 liters from the 4 meter pipe from 11 months of use. The sweeping itself was rather easy, so I guess I can do it a bit more often as a preventive measure.
In the mean time Pelltech had replied to my question on how to solve it. It turned out that besides the chimney one of the fans had also a significant sooth buildup. After cleaning that, everything worked as expected again.
Learning from the past I got enough floor boards so it even would fit the extra piece of floor that needed to be covered under the roof. By Sunday night the floor was done, just in time to have a guest room. I just needed to get doors.

Start of the second bedroom

Now that we found the right colour, it was just a matter of putting it on the rest of the walls. With the white base coat it worked easy and every finished wall convinced me it was the right colour. For the final touches like the skirting boards and finishing slats I need to get a router, but after 5 weekends of 25% discount at ABC this weekend there is no discount, so a bit of patience. Good thing there is plenty of other jobs still waiting.
One of the things I had pushed forward for a while already was to rewire the pumps of the heating system. For some reason they where connected directly to the mains, so they are all running 24/7. The heater has been designed to also control the pumps so it can also prioritize the hot water to either the boiler or the heating systems. I discussed changing this during the last visit of a mechanic and now I finally did it. Likely the big difference will be noticed when the weather cools down again, so that will take a while.
Since the first patches of our vegetable garden where easily filled we decided to clean another piece for beans and peas. So lots of time consuming sifting of dirt, but with the weather getting nicer and nicer it is good to be outside.
In the weekend Mattias and I put in the plaster plate on the ceiling for the second bedroom. So nice to see the big changes a bit of plaster plate can bring to a room.

Spelling error report

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