The kitchen has left the building

Today after work I went to the house for some more work. Marc came to help me carry some more or less reusable cabinets, the stove and the boiler to the garage. This will be useful to organize the stuff during the rebuilding. Also this creates a lot of space in the house.

After this I took apart the water system, and found out a 3 phase wire that I had not traced fully yet was going to the stove in the kitchen. A wonderful old fashioned plug.

Then another nice stress reliever: The wall off the kitchen went down quickly. More firewood! A good find was that under the water and sewer pipes I found covering plywood which was very much effected by leaking water, but it had protected the real floor, so the floor underneath was in good condition.

The last remains of the kitchen and shower room
The watermeter is the only thing left

More breaking

19 Hours after I had put the last wood in the stove, I came back to the house. It was pleasantly warm in the rooms connected to the stove. The stove was still radiating some warmth. It was very good to discover this part at least is working well, especially since the weather forecast for later this month predicts daytime temperatures of -10

The breaking of yesterday called for more. So I took out more walls. Some walls build after the original build of ’53 where build of 1 inch thick soid wood. That will give us some fuel for the stove for the next few weeks.

The original wall between the kitchen and the heated room was build of 3/4 inch rough wood. No match for my new 1 meter crow bar!

One part of the wall was plastered underneath the wall paper, so lots of dust!

In the afternoon Mo came to help followed a bit later by Marc and Mattias. Towards the end of the afternoon Mo’s brother and sister-in-law came to check out the place. Another satisfying day!

Here are some pictures other discoveries of today

The water system, a nice collection of taps.
In the kitchen we found some more circuit breakers, connected very interesting as well

A first day of work

Saturday would be the first day of working on the house. The plan was to check the electricity and do some quick fixes to it, heat the house, fix the firewall problem and make a plan for the coming weeks.

The stove was easy to light, but it was clear the house had not been heated for a while. It took about 5 hours of burning wood before the the first parts of the stove started to give off a little warmth. But towards the end of the day, you could hardly touch the stove. It is a pretty big stove, it can take 80 cm long logs.

After that I studies the fuse box. That took a while as the creator of this thing must have had Italian roots, considering the spaghetti mess I found. The connection has 3 phases. Each connected to one circuit breaker. A 25A, 20A and 16A one. (?!)

Just add tomato sauce

From there a 3 phase connection runs to the garage, which is also connected very interesting.

As part of the lights did not work, I checked the circuit breaker and found one was not working properly. I replace it and then I had light in the rest of the house as well

This has been sparking a bit..

Anyway, pretty soon I will take out the main fuses and put in a new fuse box. With my local Dutch electrician we made a plan that will build later this month.

After this ‘spaghetti lunch’ I decided to take apart the shower. After taking out the mixer tab and shower head, I checked the walls and pretty soon two of the three walls where gone.

After that it was time to go home. A rewarding first day.

First things first

So, what is the first thing you need after you buy a house: Of course, an internet connection 😀 Good thing Estonia is the country where internet is considered a human right, so 10 minutes after I stopped by at the Telia office, I walked out with a 4G card for 16 euro per month. According to planning a glass fiber connection should be available by the end of February 🙂

At home I installed it to the 4G USB modem and connected it to a spare FritzBox! modem. The next morning I installed it at the house in combination with a Raspberry Pi with HomeAssistant and a security camera. The temperature/humidity sensor registered 1 degree Celsius and 86% humidity. No wonder it was uncomfortable to sit there installing stuff.

The openings in the firewall gave some trouble. Later on I found out this is caused by the extra network the 4G modem sets up. And with this firmware I cannot setup a DMZ connection to the FritzBox!, so this needs some more tweaking.

Some of the before pictures

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