Planting gooseberries and tomatoes

This week, Jan came back from Muhu with my van filled with 3 big old gooseberry bushes I had picket up from a friend of Daan who was redoing her garden. So we decided where to plant them and put them in. The bushes need a lot of trimming, but we figured it would be good to first let the root and than trim them for the next season.

To prepare the car for the vacation trip that seems to be more and more likely to happen, I gave it a 20.000 km service. Oil and filters mainly, it was clear the filters had been skipped the at least the last time. This jumpy has a few parts very well hidden. So I’ll leave the glow plugs for sometime later.

During the weekend, we sifted through the soil in the greenhouse, added horse shit and tomato dirt and than planted them. Very excited to see the results later this summer.

Greenhouse part 3

The next weekend was nice a sunny. Perfect weather to work in the garden. Mo and Mattias worked on the vegetable garden, while I put in the ground anchors and the standing parts to make the greenhouse at least standing height.

Once this was done, I could start tacking on the greenhouse foil we got from Mo’s mother. By the end of the day the greenhouse was ready except for a window and the door.

Greenhouse part 2

On Monday night we went to Mo’s mother again. She had ordered a truck load of horse shit an we would take part of it for our garden. Unfortunately Jan had just taken the trailer for a trip to the Netherlands, so we improvised with a plastic sheet in the van.

During the weekend work on the the greenhouse continued, by now all the parts had been made to fit, so it was time to put them in the linseed oil, as it gives a nice natural finish and as a bonus it smells pretty nice as well.

In between a shaped a new handle for the old ax from my grandfather. I had gotten a slat of beech from a friend, which I glued together to be big enough to make a handle out of it. With the used of the miter saw, a grater bit on the drill and the sanding machine, it was a quick, fun job.

The next day when the linseed oil had dried, I started to put together the first parts of the greenhouse. After I got the hang of it, it went surprisingly fast. Within a few hours I had a construction I could stand on.

Start of a greenhouse

As I already mentioned earlier, I saw a great greenhouse at Nastja and Rainers place on my way back from the Netherlands. After I showed the picture to Mo, so was instantly convinced this would be a good idea for a greenhouse, way better then those straight forward, bought things.

While checking out the design I can across a very handy website that calculates the exact measurements of your dome depending on how you want to make it. With these exact measurements with double angles to saw and a lot of them, I started by making a sawing jig. After the first test cuts I could start the 130 double angled corners. For the entire project I created 3 sawing jigs.

Garden work

And then the days start getting longer again, the sun gets more power, so time to prepare the garden for the next season. On my way from the Netherlands I had gotten a lot of seeds from Nastja and Rainer (together with a great design for a greenhouse, which will sure be copied this spring), so time to sow. Mo took care of that while I ordered the border garden next to the fence on the side of the house.

The next day we went to see Mo’s mother to get some cut offs from plants and while we where doing that the neighbor lady also offered some plants, so plenty of stuff to put in the garden. Excited to see how they will grow.

Helping out friends

After an pretty unexpected trip to the Netherlands to pick up a Citroen Jumpy, and while I had all that space, also a bunch of stuff from my house there and a few bikes for the boys, I picket up Ulf and Hanna from Cologne who where coming to Estonia to help out in the apartment of Hanna’s mother. They had asked me to help out with the capital renovation of the bathroom.

Ulf had planned, designed and ordered everything for the past weeks and with the van it was easy to pick it up at ABC, Ikea and other places.

The apartment is a good example of the bad soviet build quality in combination with other factors. Long story short, this was a true metamorphose. I am glad I could help out!

Ceiling and lights

Once all the metal studs where put in, I could put in the vertical parts to create a light cove. When this was done, I could put in the LED strips and connect the power supply and QuinLED. After a quick test run it was time to put in the ceiling plates.

With the help of Mo and Mattias we put in the 4 plates, which went pretty smooth. On to the plastering and painting.

Finishing tiling and starting ceiling

Time flies when you are having fun. But that does not finish the bathroom. So after putting in the last tiles a few weeks ago, it was time for the grouting, which again was a finishing touch.

Next up was the ceiling and the indirect light. I made a combination of the lowered ceiling and a place to connect the vertical part that will hold the LED strips.

In the mean time all stores are closed due to corona, but luckily ABC already had a web shop and they offered the option to pick up the order from the store.

A new desk and lots of tiles

With all this working from home I figured it was time to get a sit-stand desk. After some research I found the best value at Ikea. Since there still a good normal desk, I just ordered the mechanism. After a putting it together I put it under the desk and raised it. It turned out a great investment. I change between sitting and standing several times per day.

During the weekend it was tiles, glue and more tiles. Slowly a real bathroom emerged.

Tiling the bathroom

Sometimes there are weeks where a lot of visible things happen and then there are weeks like these. Little to report. Some parts for the livingroom lights came in quicker then expected. I had ordered a QuinLED controller as I had heard good things about it and also ordered a powersupply and RGBWW LED strips that besides colour also can emit warm white light. I tested the combination and then put them aside until I will get to the living room.

Beside I finally had some time to figure out what was wrong with the cable to the last LED strip in the bedroom. After some measuring I concluded the cable was broken. With a bit of effort I was able to use the old cable to pull a new cable behind the ceiling. Some more effort consisting of cutting, stripping, and soldering and the third LED strip also lid up.

And than it was weekend and finally I could start tiling the bathroom. The first part took a lot of time as I first had to work my way down to make sure the tiles would line up with the window. From there on al the other tiles will be aligned. But a great start!