Workbench and garden work

If you search the internet for Morovian workbench you will get a lot of information on how to build one yourself. I started with making the countertop and once I had glued the two pieces together I could already use it by putting it on some supports. Then the real work started, making mortise and tenon joints, bridle joints and dove tails. One of the reasons I picked this workbench is to get back into wood construction.

During the weekend we decided to pick the apples that had not fallen yet, so we can store them. After that I figured it would be a good idea to extend the electrical system from the garage to the train roofs, having a light and a power point there will come in handy. Doing this also was a good excuse to clean another piece of garden, so next season we will have grass there and not weeds.

As a last thing this weekend Mo and I moved all the light armatures and cover from the garage kitchen to the train roof, so we can look through that later on and getting more space in the garage at the same time.

Garage and train roofs

During his stay around our wedding, my uncle asked if he could help with something. As he is good with electricity, I suggested he would make a start to unravel the electrical mess in the garage. He stripped the exiting mess, ordered all the cables, installed new fuses and reconnected the lights. A great start!

After the wedding we spend the time with the family and friend who made it here, so only a week later, I continues with the electrical system in the garage. Than I also realized the house was getting to a point where it would not be practical to make everything inside, so I would need a work bench. During breaks in the past months I had checked YouTube for all kinds of work bench designs and figured at Morovian workbench would be a nice option. This design from the 1700s is very sturdy, yet it can be easily taken apart and moved. Nice for working outside in the summer. The best part is that I found all the would I would need between the wood that was laying under the train roofs.

In the mean time Toon had contacted me about a space to store his Volvo Duett for the winter. When I told him I had space, but that was still pretty full he offered to come and help clean this out.

He came with his son August. Together we move and reordered a lot of wood and stones. Besides we found a lot of old metal pipes, which we loaded in the trailer and dropped off at the scrap yard. At just shy of 15 cents per kilo we collected over 80 euro, so you do the match on how many pipes we found. At the end of the day the train roof had more space then we have seen so far. Ready for a car or two to stand (more or less) dry this winter.

The ceiling

With just one week to go until we have a house full of people, we are trying to get as far as possible. The walls in the kitchen is finished. Marc helps out with filling the screw holes.

Later in the week Jeff comes to help out with the ceiling. We start by putting metal stud up. Another great use for the laser.

Towards the end of the week we are just a day short to put the plaster plate on the ceiling, but it is already such a big difference from a month earlier. Time for a wedding party. We’ll be back somewhere after.

Start on the kitchen walls

Since we will have an open kitchen a logical continuation of putting in the plaster plate in the livingroom, is to also put them in in the kitchen. Since we still need to use the kitchen this involves a bit more logistics of moving around cabinets and kitchen appliances. But overall this goes pretty smooth as well. There are more power plugs needed here and also specific power plugs for the oven and the stove. Nice puzzling.

While drilling a hole towards the hallway I managed to hit one of the pipes of the central heating, which caused a delay of a few hours, as this had to be fixed of course.

Also I finally decided to open up my Makita accu drill to find out why I cannot switch to clockwise drilling anymore. It turned out to be pretty simple the selector was broken and the replacement part was in stock at Makserv for just 50 cents.

Covering sewer and chimney

After some easier straight walls, this week the more fun parts came up. I had to make a cove around the sever pipe and cover the chimney. Which also made us plan the kitchen a bit more, as the size of the cove would be influenced by what we want to put against it. We decided to have an extra cabinet there, likely partly with either doors on either side or shelves that are reachable form either side. We’ll see in the future.

Start of the living room

After a short visit to the Netherlands and our first Corona test, we had to stay at home till the next test or 10 days. Plenty of time to focus on the living room!

We started by taking out the closet and the beds from om temporary bedroom. Since next month we will have some extra people staying over, we created two guestrooms. One on the attic of the garage and one in the future studio.

Once the room was empty I could start putting the the last pieces on insulation material at the top of the wall. then I put in the first holes for the power plugs, put in the metal stud and the first plaster plates.

In the mean time Mo painted the window sills in Mattias his room.

Soon I found out we had to make some decisions on where we would like to the furniture in the living room, as that influences the location of the power plugs and network connections. Still a lot of work was done.

Another room done

Next weekend we will be traveling to the Netherlands for my fathers wedding. So this week I try to finish the second bedroom, so starting next week I can work on the living room!

So lots of details, finishing the desk, put door knobs on the cabinet doors, making window frames. I actually made to little pictures. But the important thing. The room is ready for Mattias to move in next week!

Second bedroom

There is still a lot of small things to finish in the second bedroom. So this week is dedicated to that. First I finished the cabinet under the roof with plaster plate. Then I found out some material we got from Mo’s kindergarten this spring would make excellent doors and while I was at it, also a nice desk.

When I took out the outside windows, I would out that the bottom part of one of them was in pretty bad shape. I decided to try to make a new part, as these window frames are made without glue it was easy to take it apart and after that is was a fun exercise to recreate the part using the table saw.

In between I also found the time to finally sand the garden bench that came from my grand parents and oil it. It looks like new again is ready for the winter.

Some finishing touches

We had wonderful days camping around Estonia. In between we have been home for a few days when we knew it would be raining all day. But when we got home, there was again plenty to do to finish the bedroom and then to finish the second bedroom.

In the master bedroom I finally figured out how to finish the space above the drawer cabinet and in the second bedroom I put up lights and some art.

A new roof

With all the effort, including a fall from the roof, it was still leaking, so I was done with it. I decided to completely replace the roof of the dormer. Some OSB, some nail coat and some bitumen should do the trick.

It was beautiful weather in between the showers. But I got the OSB on there before the first shower hit and got the nail coat on when the real rain started. The next day I finished by burning on the bitumen layers and finishing off the connection with the main roof.

Another rain shower showed one minor error in the connection with the roof and then finally, the roof was waterproof! At last! Time for a bit of vacation, so the next few weeks there will be little or no work done on the house. Because of the pandemic we will explore Estonia.