Workbench and garden shed

After a week of very visible work a week of less noticeable work followed. I finished the driveway outside of the gate, but then I went back into the garage and worked on the workbench. When I dry fitted all the joints I was impressed by how sturdy the workbench was already. I was looking forward to gluing it all together.

I also wanted to close the wall in the garden shed that has been build on the back of the house as there is still some cold air seeping in. For the bathroom I had taken out half of the windows, so there was a spare part on both sides of the window on the outside. While doing this, I noticed the part of the wall under the window was pretty crooked, so the result was not perfect, but good enough for a shed.

Garage kitchen and driveway

With all the space in the garage kitchen it is motivating to clean the place up. I started with cleaning the walls, it looked as if I had painted them. There was a lot of dirt on the paint. After that I placed some of the old Ikea cabinets that came from my grand parents. They fitted very nice. As the cabinets with the doors had been hanging cabinets, I made shelves to add to them.

In between, 4 months after ordering them, the guitar wall holders for Mattias finally came in, just a few weeks after his birthday, but it sure is a finishing touch to his room.

Recently I had noticed there is a hole in the driveway where the trailer tends to get into while backing it up into the driveway. I decided to fill it up with some left over sand that was kind of in the way anyway and than cover it with some of the split we still had on a big pile in the middle of the driveway. This gave such a nice result I continued working on the driveway the rest of the week.

Little by little it really started to become a driveway. When I met former coworker Jarkko at a house warming party who said he really like carrying stones and wood, we made an appointment to move the pile of stones that has been laying against the house for as long as we know to a better place. Mattias also helped cleaning up the bricks pieces at the front of the house. This cleaned up even more and the result looks great!

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