Wall insulation in the bathroom

With the concrete floor drying nicely it is time to start insulating the walls in the bathroom area. I had planned to get the materials yesterday already, but life decided otherwise.

So when Martijn arrived I was halfway planning what I needed and we went shopping together. Unfortunately the insulation plates I had picked where not available at the Puu market around the corner, but they could see they had them at the branch on the other side of town. So we had a nice ride to explore another construction store.

After lunch used the laser to get the right location for the top and bottom rail and then it actually worked pretty fast to put in a metal stud at the correct location and fill the created space with insulation.

While I worked on the wall, Martijn took out another window which was at a wrong spot and filled it with some art-work from the previous owner. Soon the north wall was insulated and the west wall was ready to be insulated. A very rewarding day!

Planning and shopping

Even though I had postponed all tour guiding this year till July, I started this season filling in a spot that had not been filled yet. I think this one had the worst weather so far. It was cold, windy and wet. I even took the group into a coffee shop to warm up, which is a first time for these kind of groups.

In the afternoon, Mo and I went to the house and started to plan some of the stuff that needs to be done in the upcoming weeks. Like where to put power plugs and switches. Also we planned what needs to be done first so we can move in at the beginning of July and what can be done once we move in.

Once the plans where made we went shopping for some electricity materials and information on internal doors and switches.

The next day we continued planning before we met up with a friend who we also took to see the house. Then I did a little job in the garden that has been bothering me for months already. It is not perfect because of a weird construction, but for sure it is much better then before.

I also cleaned out the front garden from the wooded floor we took out last week. I sawed it in pieces and piled it up in front of the garage. Firewood with woodworm.

First international guests

After 5 weeks of work, we decided to take it easy on this free day. Besides some friends from the Netherlands would stop by at the start of their trip through Russia and central Asia.

And the good thing about guests that come by car. The can bring ‘liquids’ without a problem. So my appelstroop stock has been filled again and I got a few bottles of Grolsch! As an extra bonus there where a few bags of licorice. Thanks a lot Marijke en Joost!

As it was beautiful weather we had cake and tea in the garden before we went to town to have a drink with a view on the 24th floor of Radison Blu and some diner in Rotermanni.

The TOY that will be their home for the next 4 months

Second window closed

Today is the last day my dad will be here and it will be a short day as well as at 16:00 there is a Kings-day reception organized by the Dutch Embassy.

First a guy from Watercom came to check out where the outdoor sewer pipes will be put, so he can make the official drawings. After he left we went to get some wood and closed the second window next to the front door that Martijn took out last week.

It look looks nice. I guess it will get time to find what color we will make these walls.

As my dad will be leaving tomorrow morning, this was the the last daily update for a while. I can not start to express the gratitude towards my dad for all the work he has done in the past five weeks, so I start with a simple: Super bedankt papa!

Another floor done

With little work done yesterday, we where extra motivated today to finish the living room. It was a productive day, finishing the floor, the wall insulation and taking out the door between the living room and the studio.

Kings-dag barbecue

Today it is Kings-day in the Netherlands and unlike the Netherlands it is wonderful weather, so we decided to have our first barbecue in the garden today.

We also took Penny the cat for the first time to the house. She looked around curiously and when we started the barbecue she checked out the the garden. It seems she likes the place.

This mend we did not get very much work done on the last part of the floor.

Another part of the floor

On Friday the first excitement was the concrete floor was hard. We stepped on it like on fresh ice, but it was hard. It felt so good to finish this chapter of the smaller part of the house.

After this we continued to work on the wooden floor in the living room. We finished the 3rd part and started on the 4th and last part, which needed the most work. Underfloor, insulation, reinforcement bars and top floor.

The concrete floor

Thursday, 13:08, the concrete truck of Betoonimeister pulls up in front of the house. An exciting moment. The driver installs the truck and maneuvers the pump pipes to the front door.

45 Minute later the 3,5 m3 meter of concrete we ordered is spread around our future bathroom, sauna, was room, toilet and hallway. Then the equalizing of the concrete is left. This turned out to be much easier then expected.

After this was done, we invited Mo to come and check out the result. And of course we marked the concrete with our initials and the date.

Since this is one of the mile stones in this project, we decided to celebrate at the Põhjala brewery.

A new back door

Wednesday, so Martijn came to help again. The two main things that had to be done where to test the floor heating with air pressure and put in the back door. In the mean time my dad continued with the last part of the breaking part of the floor.

Most manuals I found online only tell to pressurize the floor heating system, but I could not find a way how it was done. I contacted the heating guy and in the mean time designed something that came pretty close to the answer that from his reply a bit later on. So shopping for some copper work and pressurizing the system. It turned out to be good.

While the heating system was under pressure, we started with the next project. The backdoor. The wall of the house was made out of thick massive wood. From inside to outside. 5 cm , 7 cm and 2 cm. With come patience we got through the wall. At some point I totally missed the presents of a bit nail, so I now for sure have to sharpen my chain saw.

But towards the end of the day we had a new back door

A good, more work

In the morning my dad send me a picture. He had continued breaking open the floor and found out that while the first part had some crumbly underfloor with saw dust insulation, the rest of the floor did not have an underfloor, so no wonder the floor was cold in this part of the house. This also means we have to put in an underfloor and insulate this part.

When I got to the house the technician from Eesti Vesi came to change the water meter and open the main valve again. Of course he double checked if the water meter was broken, which was pretty obvious. So pretty soon after we had a new not leaking water meter.

The rest of the day we continued breaking open the floor